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Derek Bastow

Bastows was founded in 1919 in the North East of England by the predecessors of our CEO, Frank Bastow.


In 1963, Frank’s father Derek came to London, and the Company was awarded its first contract by Cluttons in 1965.


The Company continued to secure prestigious contracts for reputable organisations such as The Crown Estate, The Grosvenor Estate, The Church Commissioners, The Cadogan Estate, The Welcome Trust (formerly The Henry Smith's Trust) and The Phillimore Estate; Bastows is proud to work with these prestigious companies to this day.


Our head office was in Surrey for many years moving from Morden to Kingston-Upon-Thames and then to Leatherhead in 2009. Because the majority of our work is based in London we wanted to keep a close contact with our clients and residents, and so we established the London office in 2010. In 2013 we moved all our operations here apart from the financial department which is now based in Epsom.


Throughout our time in the industry we have seen and experienced history being made, and played our own small part in making London a better place for its inhabitants. A lot of thought, consideration, care and love has gone into creating the company as it is now.


Everyone, including clients and residents, has an important part to play; we thank you all for creating a Family to be proud of, and for joining us in Making London Beautiful.

Who We Are

Dedication and commitment to high quality work are the quintessential tenets on which this company was founded and built.

These principles live on today in the renowned and award winning company Bastows and are testimony to the vision and hard work of its founder Derek Bastow.

Feel free to read our SPIRIT news letter to find out more about the Bastows family.

It's a riveting read - soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent.

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