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Our Team

Frank Bastow, Bastows MANAGING DIRECTOR

Frank Bastow
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513

Frank has always striven for perfection, attaining his Bronze swimming award in 1969 and a Black Belt in Karate at the age of 15. Unable to take up the offer of further training in Japan, he gravitated to the world of music and was the singer and bass guitarist for a cult 80's indie band.


His business acumen was being honed at the same time by working in the retail trade developing franchises for a leather company and within a renowned accountancy firm. . . read more


Having worked within the family building & contracting company for several years, in his late 20's he started Tremayne Ltd, undertaking building and decorating contracts in London. He then merged the two companies in 2000 and embarked on a huge re-branding and expansion programme.


In 2014 Frank decided to put his expertise and knowledge to good use, and share it with the wider world, penning the seminal work 'Don't Be A Can't'- already considered a classic of the genre by those in the know.


Andy Raczinkaitis, Bastows MANAGING DIRECTOR

Andy Raczinkaitis
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7540 501547

I have worked in many different fields of the construction industry. As a plumbing and heating engineer I had a company with a partner that was successful.


I then worked as a site agent for Bastows (and how that came about is a long story). Then I took over the scaffolding division of Bastows which was successful for a number of years (another story!). . . read more


After that, once again I worked for myself for 4 years. Then one day in 2009, Frank called up. He needed a head teaboy. Now - how could anyone pass that job up?


My hobbies include fishing, DIY (because the missus tells me I have to do this) and getting beaten up by my granddaughter.



Nimesh Bharadia
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7970 405011

I have been blessed in life! I've had great opportunities, met inspiring people and had some crazy experiences - and that's just how I like it.


I am of Indian origin and born in Africa, Tanzania in 1967 and came to live in Britain in November 1978. Differences in culture expanded my mind at a young age, and this has inspired me throughout my life. . . read more


Facing young bold men with uniform in the form of skinheads was a great experience; my parents said 'get on with it', as of course as they saw much worse back in their day in India, and Africa.


In secondary school my best mates were skinheads as I understood very early on in life that they had the same reason as I did for expressing themselves- cultural differences.


Naturally I soon learnt life was about 'getting on with it', and in doing so I found great opportunities. Today I thank this world as we are all different, that it is what it is and superb!


Dave Brown, Bastows SALES DIRECTOR

Dave Brown
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7973 137506

I started my working life in the building industry in 1968 at the age of 15, starting as a hod carrier and then after a spell at building college went on to become a bricklayer. I was a site foreman at the grand old age of 26. I started working for Bastows in the winter of 1989 after doing some brickwork for them - clearly I'd done a good job building that wall! . . read more


I once met Sir Tom Jones in Henley, after an afternoon being blown about in a hot air balloon (that's pretty scary and gets the energies going.) He is a top bloke and very funny. I've flown Cessna aircraft and once went white water rafting in North Wales. On my last run we had to rescue a woman who had fallen out of her kayak; she was pretty cut up and broken some bones. We had to pull her into the raft in a raging torrent.


I can confidently say that driving round Brands Hatch is great fun in a Formula Ford. Sorry to sound boring but that's the quiet life I lead... just skydiving and gliding left to do now, and then home in time for Horlicks!


Niki Rosenbaum, Bastows CHIEF CULTURAL OFFICER

Niki McGrane
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513

I joined Bastows in 2006 and have seen our Family and business go from strength to strength....


My background is in HR, administration, customer care and training, and it's great to be part of a team where I can use my skills and constantly develop new ones.. . . read more


I live with my family and one very spoilt dog in London, which has always has been home. I love to read, watch films, see plays, walk the dog, explore different places and am a part of three charity fundraising groups who support various good causes through costuming, creativity and our love of films and TV.


Andy Mildner, Bastows Financial Director

Andy Mildner
Tel: +44(0)1372 374143
Mob: +44(0)7989 088894

I joined Bastows in September 2011 expecting to find a run of the mill construction company. How wrong I was.


Bastows is an incredible firm that fuses the commercial and cultural to amazing effect. It really is a great family that looks after its people and helps them develop to be the best they can. . . read more

  At work I have a passion for removing the unnecessary and making things work as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.


When I am not working I have a gorgeous family and for some reason my midlife crisis consists of running and sport instead of fast cars.


Dan O'Donoghue, Bastows Sales Director

Dan O'Donoghue
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7841 337673

I originally joined Bastows for six months in June 2012 and returned to the family in April 2014. I have extensive experience in my field, holding a BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying which I attained while working full time as a Surveyor for a local company. . . read more


I live in Ashford, Kent with my wife who is a keen portrait artist. I recently taught myself website design for fun and love sports- I captain two six-a-side football teams and run a local league in my free time. I’m a football fan, and support West Ham United.


Amanda Bastow, Bastows Company Secretary

Amanda Bastow
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513

My early background was in the City, culminating in becoming a specialist Banking Recruitment consultant.


Whilst at home with our first two children, I re-trained as a Montessori Nursery Teacher, obtaining an International Diploma 1993. I started my own Nursery School in 1995 which employed six teachers and assistants and had a register of forty children. . . read more


I sold the school in 2005 but stayed on in a teaching capacity. I left in July 2007 and began my part-time office duties with Bastows the following year.


My hobbies include swimming, acting, stand-up comedy, reading and enjoying family time. In March 2011 I passed a Life-guarding course, and I have started growing my own vegetables this year - radishes, rocket, peas, salad etc. Both these things give me a great deal of personal satisfaction.


Uzejir 'Chupo' Zecevi, Bastows Site Manager

Uzejir 'Chupo' Zecevic
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7540 914963

Cupo was raised in Bosnia and came to England on a special flight organised by the Red Cross in 1993 following the war in his homeland.


Cupo loves humour and weekends, cycling, socialising, music (one of his favourite artists is an amazing guitarist named Emir Hot) and he cooks a mean barbecue, with roast lamb his speciality.


Alen Kasic, Bastows Site Manager

Alen Kasic
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7850 772825

I was born in 1968 in Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, Yugoslavia. Split is an ancient town that had great influence on my interests and personality. Layer upon layer of historical periods, from roman to neo-clasical, are built into one harmonic town of stone. Living among those great walls influenced my interest and love for architecture and construction. . . read more


Graduated at Split School of Construction in 1986, as a qualified Architectural Technician. After spending a year in army, enrolled in Civil engineering University in Split. A year after an opportunity arose to continue my studies at Architectural University in Zagreb, Croatian Capital, which I could not let go.


Another peaceful year in Zagreb, and the war started that shattered my dreams and invalidated all plans for the future.


First opportunity I bought my ticket for London and have lived in this great city ever since. After arriving with my beautiful wife and two children, I had a successful run in every single trade as a Self Employed.

I enjoy working with Bastows as we share the same ideals "Brave, Harmonious and True". I hope that we will meet soon and work together to make something beautiful.


Bobby Piekarz, Bastows Site Manager

Bobby Piekarz
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7841 764851

I was born in Poland in 1977.


At 12 years old I started to help my dad repair cars at his garage. Later I became a professional mechanic working in a family business until I came to London in 2003. . . read more


I wanted to try something new so I become the painter. In 2008 I joined Bastows where I progressed from painter to become a site manager.


I'm enthusiastic and a family person who always strives for the best. My biggest passion is spending time with my lovely Fiance. When she is it not at home I'm at the football (Chelsea), a good movie and cooking also fill my time.

I like to spend my holidays on a Caribbean beach where I am taking my positive energy from.


Liam Cox, Bastows Site Manager

Liam Cox
Tel: +44(0)20 7259 9513
Mob: +44(0)7712 324807

I have four children, two girls and two boys and I have been with my partner for 14 years.


I am a qualified painter and have been employed by Bastows since early 2014. Before that I was self employed and already working with Bastows regularly.


I am now a Site Manager and my aim is to learn something every day.


Who We Are

Dedication and commitment to high quality work are the quintessential tenets on which this company was founded and built.

These principles live on today in the renowned and award winning company Bastows and are testimony to the vision and hard work of its founder Derek Bastow.


Feel free to read our SPIRIT news letter to find out more about the Bastows family.

It's a riveting read - soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent.

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